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3D-printing technologies allow for unprecedented possibilities which we are barely beginning to explore. The standard designs of our musical instruments have been modelled by centuries of tradition and technical limitations. We would like to think that the current designs have reached an optimal point while this is very far from true. 

Why are all inner bores in wind instruments round and/or straight? Why are 90 degree angles to be found everywhere in musical instruments? The answer is very simple: because those are the only shapes one can produce with 17th century tools and technology.

It’s time to update and upgrade the way we conceive, design and produce musical instruments through 21st century technology.

On every other field we see constant evolution in design and production. Modern cars look very different from 1920 cars. Modern computer keyboards are faster, lighter and more ergonomic that typewriters. No one would think of running a marathon with shoes from the 17th century, yet that is exactly what we do daily in music.

The main issue right now is not the technical possibilities anymore but rather opening our minds to innovation and realising that we are not limited anymore by the ancient technology that shaped musical instruments the way they arrived to us.

On this website you’ll find some example of creative projects which make use of the newly available possibilities which 3D-printing can offer, but the most interesting part are not these developed projects rather offering you the possibility of bringing your own crazy ideas. Maybe they are not crazy at all but entirely feasible now.

Free your mind and bring us your out-of-the-box ideas, we look forward to talk about them.

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